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Chic, Sexy, Over 20...OldysButGoodys

One day, you'll be like us xoxoxxoxo!

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being stunning, being over the age of 20, being sexy
We are chic and sexy individuals who do not discriminate (unless you are under the age of 20)

Some rules:
-This is very random, but it can be sucessful, if we just believe it can be
-You have to be over 20 (I will probably make an exception if your name is yesharry or someone equally sexy)
-You must loves boys and Edita
-You must also participate and just be sexy and random and fun
-No drama, we are too old for this shit!
-Also, no posting is allowed between 7 and 7:30PM because that's when Wheel of Fortune is on

Our godesses

Maryna and Anja (22 and 26, respectively)
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Edita V (I don't think she's 20, but no one asked you anyways)
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